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Friday, November 05, 2004

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Happy days...

Yeti is staying!!! Whoooppeeee. As really the only thing I don't have the energy/time to do with him is groom him, I asked Chris if she would. Could I perhaps lure her to NJ with the promise of lunch, spinning and playing with the twins in exchange? She's willing to arrange something. YEA! I can't express how happy this makes me. I was so upset with the thought of Yeti's leaving... and not because it meant that I failed at something. I really do like the little guy. I love the fur therapy I get from him. I absolutely adore his binkies. I love when he pulls a carrot from my hands and jumps on back to the rear of his cage. He seriously digs brussel sprouts too. Maybe I can even learn the quicker clip method from Chris and even that won't be the chore that it has turned into.

Two buddies

I'm sure Earl Grey will be happy that his white, fuzzy buddy is staying with us. The two of them can continue to romp around.

Knittin' News

More celebrations to be had... I'm now a member of the Knitting Blogs ring. YEA!! I also volunteered to be a ring checker. What the heck, I haven't much to do at work, and I'm surfing the ring anyway.
Waiting to hear on that.

Progress has been made on the Hogwarts scarf. I'm halfway done on the 7th yellow stripe. There will be a total of 9 yellows and 10 burgundies. I'm oh so close to finishing this puppy. If not this weekend, early next week. I've found I can do 1.5 to 2 stripes a day and that is nothing more than commuting time and lunch.

I had to rip out the sock last night. It was huge around the foot and the heel was too long and pointy. I know its not for me and while I haven't quite decided who it really is for, either intended victim has feet not much bigger than me. I restarted it, but this time it is cuff down and I'm doing a 2x2 rib that I'll continue through the top half of the foot. I've got about 2" done already. I love socks, they go so fast.

I've given serious thought to the Kris Kringle gift the knit club at work is doing. We drew names today and I think the gift idea I had yesterday will work beautifully for my intended victim .. er beneficiary. Nothing more mentioned in case said victim is a reader. :)

I just wish I had more time. I have so many projects that I want to do without even going into the fact that the wheels are sitting around ignored. In my blogsurfing, I've seen such wonderful projects that just inspire me to try my hand at new things. I really want to knit the thrummed mittens. I want to try two-color work again. I want to do something with texture like the cables that I saw over on ChicKnits. Need more time. Or less sleep. Hmm.. I used to do so much with less sleep. Getting spoiled by the babies sleeping 10 hour straight. Must be getting soft.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Visiting my new Knitting Blogs neighbors. Love your Yeti, and its cat friend. Found your career path interesting. Finishing up a computer science degree here.
Be back again.. rmily

November 5, 2004 at 11:27 PM  

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