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Thursday, November 11, 2004

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Photoless progress

Just a quick update today. I've been sick recently, not sure exactly what is going on, but feeling pretty darn cruddy nonetheless. Today is my first day back at the office since Monday. The plus side of feeling cruddy and having the twins off in daycare is that I got some knittin' time.

I finished the first of the Happy Trails socks, pictures tomorrow, and hit the heel on the second one. I'm doing a 2x2 rib to the ankle, PG-R short row heel, followed by a 2x2 rib on the top half of the foot. For a size 5US foot, this makes for a pretty quick sock. This first pair is for Miss Ronni, one of the twins' daycare teachers. Miss Lilly will get a similar pair. The skein of HT yarn is 8 oz so I have A LOT of it. On the 56 st that make up the sock, the yarn is self striping. It's pretty and I wouldn't mind a pair of them myself.

I'm still trying to decide which hat I want to make to go with my Hogwarts scarf. The Hermione hat over at looks really nice, but I'm not sure. I'll probably wind up doing it anyway. My new pea coat arrived yesterday and it is super nice. I didn't realize how stiff the wool is! I was having trouble bending my arms when I tried it on last night. Comparing notes with someone, this is typical. Good thing too as I started googling last night "pea coat stiff arms". Seems this isn't abnormal. It's softened up a it already today and I can't wait till the thing is broken in. The scarf looks marvelous with it. Maybe I'll get a picture with both the scarf and coat tonight:)

I'm looking forward to having all the holiday knitting done and get back to the real enjoyable stuff. I have to add some cable-y goodness to the list of projects, as well as one of those kitty beds. I can even use the yarn IN STASH to make that. My goal is to actually work down the stash. This includes transforming some of the fleeces to yarn to finished object. Lofty goal, I'll admit, but not unattainable. Certainly not with the daily knitting that I get now. And the highlight of the week is tomorrow.. KNIT CLUB! Which reminds me, Kris Kringle. Make mental note. Can't write here.. victim might read :)

I subscribed to Interweave Knits today. My first issue will be sent out on Nov 25. I'm looking forward to it. I've been disappointed with the other knitting mags of late. I quite buying Vogue a while ago and Knit 'NStyle, I actually put back on the shelf the other day. I have this huge collection of knit mags and either have never made anything from them or they are just uninspiring. However, I've always been happy with the IK so I figured I'd get a subscription to it. I already get Spin-Off by them, my favorite mag.

On the work front, I've decided to "enjoy" my period of inactivity around here. I rode in this morning with a fellow who is about to lose his programming job due to a merger. I listened to him talk about the employment seminars and the classes on how to write a good techie resume and I'm just happy to have a job that hopefully isn't going to disappear at the end of next month like his is. I should just sit back and consider this the nice rest from the harder job at home, catch up on my reading/writing/relaxing, maybe even work towards learning a new language. I should be thankful for lack of crunchtime rather than bemoan it. So I'm turning over a new leaf and will sweat what I can control and go with the flow.

Got my oar all ready..


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