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Sunday, November 21, 2004

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Battle for midway

.. has been been won. The second felted bag is now complete. While I was terribly tired last night, the drive to finish the damn thing and get it in the wash today was overwhelming. Here's the info on it:

Booga Bag - Teacher 1
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in M-38 Lotus Pink and M-56 Clematis
Pattern: Booga J's
Started: 11/18/04
Finished: 11/21/04
Felted Size: 7"L x 5"W x 8"H

Booga 2 knitting complete
Before felting
Booga 2 complete
Bag done

So now I'm halfway done with the teacher gifts. I started the third bag this morning while the twins napped, and bag two swished around with a load of jeans. The third bag is going to be more of the lotus pink, but this one's companion color is M-34 Victorian Pink. I'm going to do the bottom in the lotus pink, like #2, but the whole side will be in the Victorian Pink. The handles on Sophie are twisted double icord. I'm planning on doing one ply in each color. Fulling can't be all that bad if it got me to do laundry, actually made me look forward to doing laundry. Now that is something that I never expected to happen! I have so many clean clothes, I haven't a clue where to put them now. Which reminds me, there is a gentle load chock full of handknit socks and other stuff still in the machine.

My friend Chris came for a visit today. She's the breeder I got Yeti from and we've become friends since. I made a baked mac&cheese casserole and a tossed salad for lunch. While the twins napped, I fixed a lace afghan square Chris had knit and missed on stitch in the middle of it. It was easy enough to repair with some duplicate stitching. Chris then gave Yeti his much overdue haircut. He's now sporting a crewcut, with the exception of the fuzzies on his ears and his topknot. Poor dude was matted and his coat came off in huge chunks. When I get the chance, I'll see if I can reclaim some of the prime stuff for spinning. If not, it will make wonderful felting material. I've got to learn wet felting. Heck that would be a great way to quickly get rid of a huge amount of fiber from this place. I got quite the lesson while Chris groomed Yeti. I didn't know that grooming made a buck um amorous and he got very friendly with Chris. I'll leave it there.

I thank everyone for all their nice comments regarding my booga bags. I like Nancy's use of the bag as a purse, rather than a tote bag. I might give that a try for myself, but make a much longer strap so I could put it over my shoulder.

As for my freaky looking left-handed eastern uncrossed knitting, I hold the working needle in my left hand and the yarn in my right. The eastern uncrossed is from what I can tell a variation on the continental except the direction the yarn is wrapped around the needle. I seem to wrap in the opposite direction and my stitches wind up "backwards". The leading edge of the stitches on subsequent rows varies depending on what the row before was. Instead of always having the leading edge in front, I have it in back after a purl row and in front after a knit row. Always made it easy to tell which stitch to do in a ribbing situation as I could tell by which edge was presenting itself. It sure made a SSK moot in a stockinette situation. I never had to slip, slip to get the stitches in the right direction as they already were. The only time my knit stitches wind up as someone else would expect them would be when I worked in the round, but then again, purled stitches are "backwards" so their leading edges have traded. I hold the yarn wrapped around my right index finger and use my right middle finger to wrap the yarn around the working needle. In the end it all works for me and I can get projects completed... in record time these days too! Thank you all!


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