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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

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One of those days..

I am having one of those days where I wished I had stayed in bed. It started out innocently enough, I actually got up somewhat on time this morning and was able to get a shower in before the lil monsters woke up. That's a good thing. It was all downhill from there.

As I was getting dressed, listening to Kat starting to stir, Casanova, the senior cat in the household, threw breakfast up in my bedroom doorway. Ewww. I clean it up with a handy tissue (which are now on the dresser rather than the nighttable since Kat found them and rather easily pulled out at least a dozen) and went back to the task at hand.

As I was getting out the nifty new finished Happy Trails socks, Duchess started making those distinct cat-gonna-puke noises on my bed. I tried to scoop her up and dump her on the floor, but alas the tightly wound little diamond maker wouldn't have it, clawed my hand and took off for the farthest side of the bed. Before I could get to her, she puked on my duvet, which by the way, the once-every-two-weeks housekeeper changed yesterday. Sigh.

By now, Kat is really awake and Alex is making noises. He's like his mom and not quite a morning person and didn't exactly wake up happy. I pick out his clothes and pick him out of his crib. He wants to cuddle and isn't happy that I moved him to the changing pad. He cries/whines/kvetch's through the entire diaper changing getting dressed routine. He continued this while I prepped Kat for the day. At least he liked the cinnamon french toast sticks that were on the menu for breakfast.

The rest of the early morning routine ran rather smoothly and the twins went into the car happy and giggly so off to mom's house as today is her day to watch them. She dropped me at the train and I was able to scrounge enough change together to get a cup of coffee from the catering truck. A train shows up, damn thing is packed like a sardine can. Feh. I opted to get off the bugger and take the next one. Okay, now on the local rather than the express and arrive at Secaucus Transfer only to find the platform for the trains to Penn hip deep in folks from prior trains. Definitely not a good sign. I can't get on the first train that pulls into the station as it is already crowded and with the mass of humanity trying to get on it from Secaucus, I opt again to take the next one. The next one arrives and it is one of the shorter trains and insists on pulling all the way up the platform so I got to play chase the train. Double feh. At least I got a seat. Made it to Penn and off to the subway. I've recently given up taking the A train and opted for the locals as the A was always so crowded. Well guess what, the C was sardine city this morning too. What the hell is going on? Anyway, while I was trying to get through the nasty full body turnstile at 14th str, my ipod earphone cable got hooked on one of the bars and nearly choked me. Lovely.

Having run Lavasoft's Ad-Ware on my home machine this weekend to find a host of nasties living there, I opted to do the same on my office desktop. Not a smart move. As it was running and turning up a bunch of nasties, Norton flashed a virus warning. What followed was much like the scene in Monsters, Inc. where the sock shows up on the scare floor. Operations called and told me to either power down my machine NOW and/or remove the network cable from the back of it. Someone would be there to get it. Helpdesk personnel swooped over, disconnected all peripherals, scooped it up and took off with it. Sweet. Hard to be a computer programmer WITHOUT A COMPUTER! I knit a row on booga bag#1 (29 rows more to go and its i-cord time) and remembered that I had my laptop locked in my desk drawer. That's a v. good thing. Now you know it doesn't end there. I've misplaced the key for said desk drawer. Not such a good thing. I got the feller with the master keys to unlock my drawer. Wee, good thing. Stupid laptop has nothing installed on it beyond the operating system. It was never really designed to be a "desktop" computer and has only enough that lets me access my DESKTOP machine and use that remotely. v bad right now as that thing is off in the super secret computer closet being cleaned and all the stuff I installed on it (ugh) inspected and deemed against policy. Oh well.

I did spend an enjoyable half hour in Bob's office searching through the box of MSDN disks looking for the install disks for MS Studio so I can actually get some work done. It ain't there, shitload of copies of beta releases of studio .net are, but as I return to my lousy laptop, it becomes moot anyway as I remember that this hobbled machine has no CD drive. Sweet huh?! So now I have a computer, but can't do a heck of alot with it. My knitting bag is calling me.

I need copious amounts of chocolate RIGHT NOW. Speaking of chocolate, I introduced the twins to oreo's this weekend. They loved them and needless to say, got a bit of the yummy chocolate cookie about their faces.

Kat enjoys oreos

Alex enjoys oreos

Knitting Progress

Hatmione is coming along nicely. Thanks to Amy, I've decided to try the cabling without a needle. I gave it a go last night. While it was tricking juggling with the dpns, when I switched the project to a circ, it flew. I love it. Made for a much quicker way to cable, and resulted in more even, less tight stitches. Thanks Amy! I'm now on row 12 of 51 pattern rows. Much much faster than futzing with the dopey cable needle. As the usual lament of a knitter, I just hope I have enough yarn to finish it.

The first booga bag is coming along very nicely. I had the bottom done and sides picked up by the end of lunch yesterday. Last night on the train home, I decided how I wanted to break up the two colors. The bottom and the first 30 rows of the side are in the blue (Blue Flannel). I would then have two rows of the pink (Rosado Rose), two more rows of the blue, the rest of the side would be the pink. I plan on a 6ft i-cord handle, so I'm going to split the colors and do one half in each. I'm past the transition and into the pink section of the side. Looks pretty nice if I do say so myself. I'll probably take pictures of it tonight. What a wonderful fast project this is and I should have no trouble finishing all 4 in time for the holidays. Hmm, I don't think i should be tempted the knitting goddess with such a bold statement on a day such as this.

Will this day end without too much more bad happening....


Blogger Nancy said...

Oh my goodness, what a horrible day! Cat vomit, overstuffed public transport and useless PCs are pretty damned evil bad-day-triangle into which one could fall before lunch.

But, thanks for the laugh about the Monsters Inc scene at work. It was a sad, commiserating laugh, but I admit I laughed. With a sense of humor like that you might just survive your twins toddlerhood!

And they're adorable - cookie faces and all.

November 16, 2004 at 2:03 PM  

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