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Friday, November 19, 2004

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Read my lips. No new knitting projects.

Just when I thought I had tamped down on my natural multiple projects disorder (MPD hereinafter) and was working really sequentially, I had to go and start more. The beginning of the end was last week when I finished the Hogwarts scarf early Friday night and wouldn't be able to get to Majestic Yarns until Saturday afternoon. I couldn't go without something on the needles for that long. Shudder at the thought. So that is when the Hermione Hat was started with the remaining Lamb's Pride from the scarf, decent project, existing yarn, win-win scenario.

I then went to the store and bought all the skeins necessary for the booga bags and started those. Now one is done, went in the wash last night and is drying nicely near the stove on a the box from my stick blender, I've started the next one. Bag 2 was commenced yesterday during the excellent company meeting. By the time the meeting ended, the whole bottom and about 20 rows of the side were done. The commute to and fro bring me up to the point where I'm now at the halfway point on the side. Cool.

After tossing booga 1 in the machine with a couple of pairs of jeans, I sat down and spun up some more of the Rose Garden roving. I'm convinced it will make a lovely sock yarn. Since I have a lb of the roving, I'll probably make a couple of skeins available for other people's stashes as I have no real need for tons of socks in the same yarn, not to mention the benefit of adding funds for further stash enhancement.

For the last two days or so since I saw the advertisement for the Peruvian Highland Yarn at on someone's site, I've been eyeing it and trying to decide which color and for what project. I'm proud of myself that I managed to hold out for so long. But I'm only human. So after an exhausting exhaustive search through my back issues of IK, I found the pattern I wanted to knit and then settled on the color of yarn.

Dusty Rose

I ordered this color, Dusty Rose. 18 Skeins of it for a unisex cabled sweater that was originally in a latte color in the magazine. I don't have the magazine with me and I can't find it in the back issues at Interweave, otherwise I'd post which it was. I'll do a scan this weekend. This will be my big project for after the holidays. I can't get over how cheap the yarn was and I'm not too confident in my ability to finish a cabled sweater, but I do so like a challenge and I've been wanting a sweater like this for a while.

Not satisfied with having sort of added one more project to the list, I found the pattern for a beautiful scarf/shawl in the IK Spring 2000 Issue - Fairy Tale. (Again, no pictures yet). It calls for Zephyr, which I don't have, but I found that the Nandia Cashmere Laceweight silk/cashmere yarn that I bought off eBay in this color blue is an alternate.

Nandia Cashmere

Finally I have a pattern that I like for this yarn. I bought it this past spring with the hopes of knitting something for Mom for the holidays. While I doubt I will have it done by Hanukkah, I finally have a good start. I cast on for this last night and was able to get one repeat of the border points done before I really had to go to sleep.

So now I have 3 projects on the needles, and quite a few in the wings, so I'm back to contending with MPD. I should probably add the knitting queue to the sidebar so I don't distract myself with oodles of other projects. Perhaps I should quit reading others blogs. Nah, not going to happen! They motivate me to continue knitting, to finish projects and to expand my knitting horizons and try something new. Thank you all for this!

And now for the regularly scheduled child picture. Feast your eyes on my 13.5 month old boy feeding himself applesauce with a spoon. Yea Alexander! It wasn't a fluke as he did it again last night with ice cream. Kat got in the act and can do it as well! Yea Kathryn! Neither say Mama yet, but I hear twins talk late and it prolongs the time I have before I threaten to change my name :)

Alexander feeds himself


Blogger Nancy said...

MPD is NOT a disorder. Please, I can't have another disorder!

Love the Hermione hat pattern - looking forward to seeing yours. My HP fanatic won't consider it though - she's Harry all the way.

What great progress on those boogas! Good to know company meetings have a purpose.

Leave it to the man to get to the food first ;). Ah yes, talking... You’ll have that joy soon enough. Emily was speech delayed and didn't make a sound when we adopted her a year ago. Those were the days. Just kidding ... except when she's testing how long she can sing at the top of her lungs in the car seat behind me before I lose it. Too bad for her, she's got nothing on her sister who could peel paint. I've lost my hearing, so I drive along blithely.

November 19, 2004 at 2:41 PM  

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