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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

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Holy Knit, Batman!

Well I won the eBay auction yesterday and got an excellent buy on some Takhi Soho Bulky Tweed. THE yarn called for in the Banff sweater pattern. I don't think I've ever used THE yarn before. Well I did buy the Noro for the booga bag, I just haven't knit that version of it yet. I've always used an alternate commercial yarn, or even a homespun yarn, so I'm looking forward to this:

Takhi Soho
Soho Bulky Tweed in Oatmeal

And yes, I'm still on the yarn diet, at least technically. I placed the bid prior to my declaration of the diet so it doesn't count as breaking. Works for me :) And I'm also exchanging yarns with someone so that doesn't count as breaking the diet either. As a matter of fact, that was an explicit option I listed yesterday. Anyway, I'm swapping some pink laceweight mohair for a worsted cashmerino that will become the Irish Hiking Scarf.

trade yarn
80/20 Merino/Cashmere worsted

Last night was one of those happy happy nights when I return home to find that a box has been placed behind my storm door. This time it was the USPS that earns my gratitude for delivering my very first order. My yummy Peruvian Highland wool arrived and it is gorgeous. I'm starting to really look forward to working the Wensleydale Cables sweater. Here's a couple of skeins along with the picture from the mag:

Yarn & picture
Peruvian Highland Wool & Wensleydale Cables from IK Winter '99/'00

While I was at it, I took a picture of the Fairy Tale Scarf and it's yarn:

Scarf yarn & pictures
Nandia Silk/Cashmere & Fairy Tale Scarf from IK Summer '00

Booga bag #3 is coming along swimmingly now that I finally settled on which bag and what color pattern to use. I changed the striping on this one. The bottom and the first 11 rounds of the sides are in the Lotus Pink and the remainder will be the Victorian Pink. I'm not sure if I like how they look together, but then again, bold colors really aren't my bag. I'm more of a black/white/brown person. Even the antique rose of the Peruvian Highland yarn is "colorful" though I am trying to expand. I've asked far more fashionably correct folk and they like the color scheme of the bag, so I'm content with that.

I had a very lovely night with the crazy duo last night. Mom called me at the office yesterday that she had the sinus headache from hell and wouldn't be able to pick up the twins from daycare. She's feeling better today, a bit of a hangover, but better. Anyway, it got me out of the office and hour early and I got to pick them up. I enjoy picking them up as they come crawling over to the door when they see me and Kat will squeal. I love that squeal. I also had to make dinner unexpectedly. I hit the freezer and found some of those mini beef raviolis, frozen meatballs and I had just bought jarred sauce this weekend. Add a few veggies and we had dinner. Then they had a bath. Always a good idea after Italian food for toddlers to go straight to the tub. They enjoyed it and much splashing ensued. Kat even helped me wash Alex's hair, well maybe not wash it, but she did pat his head a couple of times after I had lathered him up. Here's they are on the couch ready for bed with Yeti, post crewcut.

Post crewcut Yeti and the twins

I finally gave spinning on the Womack while the twins were about a try. Lo and behold it worked as I hoped. I was able to spin without fear that little curious fingers would work their way somewhere that they were not supposed to go. I did have to fight the boy off the roving. I gave him a short length of it to play with and that kept him happy for a while. That's my boy. Today is spinning day so I'm hoping to finish up the Rose Garden singles so I can ply them before the holiday weekend is through. I want to measure up how much I have so I can part with it more easily.

My Kris Kringle gift is now taken care of, which makes me very relieved. I had had an idea, dawdled about it, thought I'd lost my chance and then got special dispensation this weekend to get it. So it's now gotten and handled. Whew. A backup plan was not really gelling and I was starting to panic.

I've successfully made it through the first day of the yarn & fiber diet. I still wish there was a patch for this. Maybe there is, I think its called TRADING rather than buying. It's a net zero for the stash right? AND I get new stuff for the stash. I like it.


Blogger Life's a Stitch said...

Tha bunny looks like a stuffed animal! Assure me he's real. What a cutie. So are the kids.

November 26, 2004 at 9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL - yarn diet. I am so definitely ROTFLMAO at that concept in connection with you!

Thanks for posting that link to the Irish Hiking Scarf. Someone at the SNB was working on one, I think, but I didn't get a chance to ask her about it. I love it!


November 27, 2004 at 10:11 AM  

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