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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

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Veni, Vidi, Knitty

Well booga #3 is getting very close to completion. I bound off the bag last night at my folks' house after dinner while the twins played with their Pop-pop. I started the I-cord this morning on the train. One observation, DPNS don't like when you wear a stiff pea coat. The ends of the needles kept getting caught in the ends of my sleeves. Needless to say my speed had decreased considerably. Speaking of knitting speed, there's the fastest knitter contest. I'm curious as to how fast I knit when i get into the groove. I might just have to try it. I-cord is slow though. I don't like it and I'll be happy when its over. I do have a foot done already so there's 5 left ;)

I've come to the decision that there's no way on earth I'm going to finish the Fairy Tale scarf by Hannukah. I took a gander at the calendar yesterday and got a reality check. Uh huh. I might be fast and can whip out a booga bag in 4 days from cast on to done, but lace scarf? Nope. Not even if I were the fastest knitter. Now maybe if I didn't have to work I might be able to do it. I am taking a week off, but that is a week too late. I do have a short repreive from the two weeks from today being the first day of Hannukah because the family is getting together to exchange gifts on Dec. 18th. That said, the scarf could be Feb birthday material, May anniversary gift or Hannukah '05. We'll see how quickly it goes once it gets going. I'll make some socks instead. Hopefully I have some decent machine washable sock yarn in stash so I can actually make it more than two days on my yarn diet. Does it count if I HAVE to buy it for a gift? I didn't think so :)

Tuesday was spinning night so that is what I did afte the twins went to sleep. I finished spinning the remaining Rose Garden roving like I wanted to. I finished it earlier enough that I was able to ply it as well last night. It is resting on the bobbin now and I'll probably skein it up tonight. I want to get these things washed and drying before the weekend is out. I did have to make my own lazy kate for the WW's bobbins. They really didn't fit on any of my existing kates. The closest was the lendrum with the 3 rods standing up, which I think is his standard new style. I got it with my Saxony. I have a different one with the upright wheel. Anyway, the WW bobbins were a shade too long for the kate and didn't turn well. I wound up taking a shoe box, poking knitting needles through it and using that. It worked perfectly. I'm now storing those needles and the empty bobbins in the box. Have to love multipurpose tools.

In this holiday season, I want to thank everyone who has left kind comments and with or without knowing it, encouraged me to continue knitting and blogging. I've enjoyed this venture far more than I ever expected to and I thank you all for that. I hope you all have a truly happy and healthy holiday season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone like knitting an I-cord? Great results but the looks on the faces of those doing it - LOL.


November 27, 2004 at 10:16 AM  

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